About us

We are a small team of highly passionate people. Most of the time, you can find us behind our computers, fiddling with websites and digital technologies.

Alenka Dermol

Alenka Dermol

BSc in electrical engineering, MSc in entrepreneurship. Passionate about numbers, computers, digital world, systemizing & getting things organized, and tango DJ-ing.

Valerij Dermol

Valerij Dermol

BSc in electrical engineering, MSc in entrepreneurship, PhD in management.Passionate about knowledge, new things, with years of experience in consulting. And about tango, of course!

What we do:

If not behind our computers (and especially during the nights), we are usually on the dancefloor of Argentine tango, or DJ-ing at different tango events. 

Yes, tango is a highly addictive passion…

We speak these languages:

And in those rare times when we are not behind a computer or on the dancefloor, you will probably meet us in some far-away countries somewhere around the globe, trying to seize the day and conquer the world.

Scared to work with someone you don’t understand?

WE PROMISE THAT WE WON’T BE TOO TECHIE AND USE LOTS OF DIFFICULT WORDS. We’ve been around a while, so we know that it is possible to communicate so that we can easily understand each other.

Need our help?

We’d love to start building your online presence now.

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