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The website was designed to help our existing and future clients.

After a successful launch of every website we could see that the owners wanted to use their new website by themselves, but in most cases, they did not have enough knowledge what to do and how to do it.

Even with written instructions, they were still scared what if they break anything.

The website had to be built in the Slovenian languages, as most of our small business clients come from Slovenia.


We decided to design a website which would help such owners gain the confidence and get additional knowledge. The video materials are in a huge rise these days, so all the topics are in form of a short video. For those who prefer to read (a minority, but there are still some people who prefer this), there are also written instructions.

The topics covered are websites (how to log into the site, how to write and manage posts, working with images, SEO for posts…) and digital marketing (Facebook business page, LinkedIn, …)

We will regularly add new topics, according to our clients’ needs.

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