Digital Marketing

Your business is not static and your marketing campaigns shouldn’t be either.
Online digital marketing is not what marketing used to be.

With so much new every day, it can be totally overwhelming.

Everybody says you should start doing it, but wait – HOW? Where to start?


Relax, and start from the beginning!

Together we will start by building your custom digital marketing strategy.
We will ask questions about your business, your needs, your goals, your digital buyer personas. Then we will transform all of this into a doable strategy which will be easy to understand and possible to implement.

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And with a clear digital marketing strategy in mind, things can start getting better and better.

Dermol Digital Business Solutions - SMART goals to build a digital marketing strategy

Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

Together with you, we will discover what is the best way to build your online-digital presence. Based on your SMART goals, we will create your digital persona and work hard to match your overall digital presence to your digital persona.
We will find the right channels to reach your digital persona and prepare an action plan to reach your goals.

Digital Marketing - SEO concept

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can make your site appear closer to the top of Google results. In other words: people will actually see you when they are deciding which site to visit – not being on Google’s first page actually means that for most of the people your business is non-existent.
We will optimize your keywords, content, take care of your on-site SEO (meta tags, headings) and off-site SEO (link-building strategy). Along with some technical SEO, of course!
We do only white-hat SEO, no tricky grey or black-hat SEO which could cost you your Google rankings.

Digital Marketing - Pay Per Click Marketing

Facebook Advertising (PPC = Pay-Per-Click)

To start building your online presence faster and boost it at the beginning, we will create your social media, especially Facebook presence. We will target your potential customers with a well-targeted Facebook Ads campaign.
Facebook Ads are a hit at the moment, also because they aren’t expensive, and it would be a shame not to profit from them.

Dermol Digital Business Solutions - Google Advertising

After establishing the right keywords for your digital personas and before SEO does its magic (which can take a while), you can profit from a Google Adwords campaign.
With search advertising & targeting the right keywords, you can get new customers and pay only for those clicks that converted: if your customers called you, registered for a newsletter, bought from you…)

Digital Marketing -social media marketing

Social Media Presence

Chances are that you are no more 20 years old, and most of the social media makes you a bit nervous: do you really need Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar? The answer is YES, you need social media presence. But it is not that simple: not every social media is appropriate for different businesses and in different situations. We will set all the necessary social media for you and teach you how to use them. And if you really don’t want to do it, we can even manage them for you.

Digital Marketing - social media package

Social Media Management Packages

If you need assistance populating your blog and social media, we offer a monthly add-on social media package exclusively for our clients.

From the content you send us, we will create 8 social media posts – one month of content for Facebook and Twitter. We will pair these updates with the necessary stock images. You will also receive a social media dashboard + monthly report to monitor engagement and strategy.

And yes – we promise that we always talk the way you can understand us. We’ve been around a while, so we know the value of being understandable. Most of the time, the most complicated words come from the mouths of people who are not completely sure what they want to tell, they just want to sound extremely clever.

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