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The client approached us to build a website for their business – producing quality devices for control cable harnesses and providing prototypes, low-volume as well as mass production for PCB boards assembly.

The existing website was quite old and needed a complete redesign, and we also had to include the SEO part, to be easily found in the search engines.

The website had to be built in Slovenian and English language.


We started with keyword research, to identify the most important keywords for SEO. After that, we designed the website. Together with the client, we decided to use the existing logo and colours. Along with the text and images, we also produced and included some interesting videos to show the potential clients their advanced technology.

We used the WordPress Content Management System for the website and built the website in 2 languages.

We are taking care of the technical part of the website in the future.

Have a look at the KENS.SI website

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