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The client approached us to build a website for another project, funded by the European Union: Jean Monnet Programme.

The website will serve as the main landing point for different projects that the International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS Celje, Slovenia) is going to get in the next few years. Currently, two projects are going on: EU-HELM (aiming at higher education – Participants of EU:HELM activities will gain knowledge on the role of higher education in the EU integration process, as well as skills for better employability in the EU labour market) and €U-InFEd (which focuses on EU facts and figures of EU integration and financial education).

The website had to be built in the Slovenian language.


We decided on a design allowing us to easily add pages for new projects to the website in the future. The design is highly EU-based as the projects are completely funded by the European Union, therefore the color palette uses mainly the colors from the EU flag (blue and yellow).

The website is mainly aimed at various students, so it had to be appealing to the younger population, but at the same time also modest to represent the institution behind it – a higher education school.

We used WordPress Content Management System as the platform.

The website remained published until January 2023, as per the client’s request.


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