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The client approached us to build a website for the project, funded by the European Union: LittleBigEntrepreneurs – Design Thinking and Gaming Applied to Entrepreneurship Education

The website should include different learning materials, produced in the duration of the project. It should be interesting and appealing to the general public, and specifically to the children in the age period of 6-10 years.

The website & the online platform had to be built in the English language.


In the first phase, we started by creating the website which gives the visitors all the essential information about the Little Big Entrepreneurs project. After that, during the project lifetime, we will also create the online learning platform with all the learning materials.

We used the WordPress Content Management System for the website.

We are taking care of the website & the online platform in the future (technical & content part) and working closely with all the other project partners from 5 different countries.

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