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The client approached us to build a website for their new project – an E-book which can guide people through divorce.

The E-book is sharing knowledge about divorce procedures, tips and tricks on what to do to save their property, how to save children from suffering during a divorce procedure, and similar. We also had to prepare the design of the E-book and the digital marketing strategy to launch the project.

The website had to be in the Slovenian language.


We started with keyword research, to identify the most important keywords for SEO. After that, we designed two sites: the landing page and the e-commerce part of the project on a subdomain. The e-commerce site is selling three different packages: in addition to the book, people can also buy two packages with detective hours or detective + divorce attorney hours.

The design is appropriate for both men and women as the E-book is targeting all of them. The client provided the material for the book (text, images,…); we designed the E-book and also prepared the complete digital strategy to launch the book.

We used the WordPress Content Management System for the website and e-commerce site.

The client will take care of his website alone in the future.

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