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The client approached us to build an e-platform for a project, funded by the European Union: NUCIF – Network of Universities for the Integration of Frontiers. The project involved many partners: 4 of them from the European universities (Italy, Greece, Slovenia) and 8 of them from the Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia).

The e-platform should serve as the main landing point for all the project activities within the 4 Knowledge Hubs.

The e-platform had to consist of two parts: the first part is one open to all visitors, and the second part is only open to the registered users (Knowledge Hubs materials + e-learning materials).

The languages should be two: English and Spanish.

As the project was way past due time, we only had less than two months to build the whole platform.


We built the platform which incorporated all which has previously been mentioned, everything is in English and Spanish..

The open part consists of the usual pages: Home, Project, Partners, Contact. A special page is dedicated to the videos, produced during the project: NUCIF TV, where visitors have the possibility to browse among all the videos of each Knowledge Hub.

The closed part of the platform (which requires registration) consists of some important materials – documents & photos on one side, and of the e-learning classroom on the other side, everything split among the 4 Knowledge Hubs..

A special challenge was how to get the materials from the project partners because the timing was right in the middle of the summer holidays in the Latin America. Nevertheless, we managed to get hundreds of photos, videos & other documents and uploaded them to the e-platform.

We used WordPress Content Management System as the basis to build the platform.

We are also updating the e-platform, along with the content, and will be adding additional new materials in the future.

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