Odvetnica Špela Pavšič – portfolio item

Špela Pavšič odvetnica


The client – a successful lawyer – approached us to build a website for her business.

The website should serve as a landing point for her business, mainly to show her main fields of work and all the necessary contact information to get in touch with her and her law firm. The website should be somehow different from all the other lawyer websites and should have a modern look and feel.

The website has to be built in the Slovenian language, with the possibility to include the English translation in the future.


We decided on a design which is based on the colours associated with the attorneys – both main colors are similar to the colors of the attorney robe.

The website is mainly aimed at business people and it had to be very modest, to represent her business.

We used the WordPress Content Management System as the platform which will allow easy managing and updating the website in the future.

We are also taking care of the website in the future (technical part).

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