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The client approached us to build the website for a special project, funded by European Union: Inclusion of Roma and migrant children into schools, a very hot topic at the time. An ongoing strategy was required to maintain the content of the website during the 3-year duration period of the project, as well as building and managing the social media for the project.
The website had to be built in all languages of the project partners.

We decided on a vivid design in bright colors for a project that was aimed at helping children.
We designed a responsive (mobile-friendly) website that is currently functioning in 8 different languages of all the project partners.
We built the necessary social media for the project: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
We are updating the website content, as well as social media content, as per client’s instructions.
We used WordPress Content Management System as the platform to create and easy to manage content experience.

The project has seen consistent growth in website traffic, as well as people volunteering for the project via the website.
We continue to work with project partners for the duration of the project (three years).

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