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THE BRIEF is a website created for a new customer who already has a website created by another agency but doesn’t like it, mainly because she finds it too complicated to work with.

The customer is focused on providing support and information for mothers interested in breastfeeding and responsive parenting. She emphasizes the importance of the bond between mother and child, which is facilitated through breastfeeding, responsive parenting, and closeness.

The website offers resources, advice, and guidance to help mothers breastfeed successfully, care for their children responsively, and maintain their physical and mental well-being. It aims to empower mothers to nurture their children while also nurturing themselves and developing their own potential. project already had a logo and a colour palette, so we started working from there.


First, we had to transfer all the content from the existing website. This included over 180 posts, many pages, hundreds of images, and similar content.

We put a lot of emphasis on the website structure, as the previous website wasn’t well structured and was difficult to navigate.

We reviewed and edited the existing website posts, ensuring they were well-written, accurate, and consistent in tone and style. We also selected and added visually appealing images to accompany each post, making the website more engaging and attractive to visitors.

We integrated the website with the client’s YouTube channel playlists, allowing new videos to be automatically displayed on the website as they are uploaded to the channel.

We linked the website to a platform where visitors can purchase online video tutorials on breastfeeding, responsive parenting, and child care.

We organized and structured the website in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for the client to update and manage content in the future. We provided clear instructions and guidance on adding new posts, updating existing content, and managing video playlists.

Our main goal was to enhance the website’s functionality, visual appeal, and ease of use while facilitating future management and expansion of content and services for the client.

We used the WordPress Content Management System for the website and will take care of the website in the future.

Have a look at the website!

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