Gaston Helvig, Fundacion Eurosur

Gastón Helvig

Eurosur Fundation, www.nucif.net

It has been a great pleasure working with Alenka. From the beginning, she has perfectly captured the needs and requirements of the web platform that we needed.

She has managed to create an easy to access and awesome website, paying attention to all the details.

She is also patient in training and helping many colleagues from Latin American universities who were to produce content for the web.
Absolutely recommended.

Znanje.biz - Erik Stritih, Ankl d.o.o.

Erik Stritih


Working with Alenka was a really enjoyable experience. The whole process of creating a website was done professionally and, above all, very quickly.

The end result is in favor of DERMOL’s experience in creating quality and recognizable websites.

Alenka, thank you for all your help.

Silvo Pšeničnik fiziooskrba.si

Silvo Pšeničnik


I started working with Alenka on the recommendation of a colleague who was satisfied with her work. I quickly noticed that she is full of knowledge and skills needed to build a website, as there is a lot of work behind such project that people usually do not notice.

I also appreciate her openness towards all the new the ideas I expressed while building the website.

If you want a quality website, I definitely recommend Alenka.

Nada Trunk Širca

prof. dr. Nada Trunk Širca


Alenka did an outstanding job and we really loved her creativity and self-initiative. She created a beautiful website that perfectly reflects our project and communicates the right messages to the audience. Because of her strong customer orientation, I trust her completely.

She knows and understands our professional needs and wishes, and I am sure she will do everything to keep our website perfect also in the future, along with all the social media and paid campaigns she is doing for us.

Marjan Korez

Marjan Korez

Gradbena dela, POPRAVI-HISO.SI

When I was thinking about getting a website, I was looking for an agency that would make a simple, quick and transparent presentation of my company.

We got all this, including extremely fast delivery, and precise and practical instructions on how to manage the website in the future.

Barbara Fortuna testimonial

Barbara Fortuna

Business trainer and coach, barbarafortuna.com

Everything, connected to computers, is a nightmare to me. Every innovation and change, brought by new technology, drives me crazy. When I realised I need a webpage I was horrified. Where will I find a person who will understand what I want?

And then I have found Alenka. Alenka knows how to explain the things mentioned above to us amateurs in a simple and easy way. Alenka understood what I wanted and she does not look down on me, because I am not a computer freak.

And that is how one nice cooperation and friendship have developed. The consequence is one beautiful and attractive webpage which »breathes« and which I am truly grateful for.

Čista 10-ka, Rebeka Blagus

Rebeka Blagus


We have a great website created by Alenka Dermol. Alenka has a top-notch knowledge of the profession, but also a lot of energy to get all the information she needed from us.

So – Alenka, thanks again. Without you and your involvement, our company would still be without a website, and as you say, if you’re not online, you’re not visible.

Enja Škerget Lenič

Prevajanje ESL

Starting a business has always been difficult – mainly due to the fact that potential customers simply don’t know about you. There are different ways to present yourself and a website is definitely a good idea… but will remain a GOOD idea only if the site is not top-notch and professionally designed, does not attract attention, if it does not offer an easy and immediate way to get the exact information the customer needs. Being aware of this fact, I have carefully considered who I will entrust with the making of mine.

Alenka Dermol did a really great job. In fact, she is still doing it, as the site needs to be regularly maintained and updated.

Without exaggeration, I can say that I received a premium service for a very good price. My business is a success and I often hear from clients that despite a great choice of services in my field they decided for me just because of my appealing website. I really highly recommend Alenka!


izr. prof. dr. Andrej Koren


It was a pleasure to work with Alenka on the development of our website.

She knows a lot about the internet and digital marketing, she is very responsive and always tries to solve our problems in a way that pleases us. She knows how to do the business….

Augusto Sebastio, CSIG Taranto

Augusto Sebastio

CSIG, Taranto, Italy

We haven’t had a website or any web presence before, so we were a bit nervous how to do it for the first time. Now, we are very happy because Alenka has created a website we like and we’re proud of it a lot.

The whole process was very smooth as she was guiding us through it perfectly.

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We provide the expertise and knowledge to grow your business.

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