IT Support – Virtual conference MakeLearn 2020

Makelearn Conference 2020


Due to the 2020 Covid-19 situation, the customer wanted to move the international scientific conference MakeLearn 2020 (for which we created the website and the conference system for submitting and reviewing papers) completely into the virtual environment.


We prepared all the technical support for the conference. After testing many different video conferencing systems, we decided on the Zoom system. In Zoom, we created several virtual rooms and connected individual events to those rooms. Some rooms required the simultaneous participation of the majority of participants (keynote speakers, the panel part, forums), while the others allowed the participants to be in separate virtual rooms, according to the selected sessions.

We also connected the Zoom system to the Openconf conference system, through which the submission and review of papers took place, with direct linking to the individual virtual rooms.

Conference in numbers:

  • over 280 participants
  • from 28 countries
  • 141 papers presented
  • 24 parallel sessions
  • 230 participants simultaneously present in one virtual room.

Participants were able to choose between pre-submission of conference papers in video format or a live presentation. In addition, we streamed promotional videos via YouTube channel in one virtual room, and also provided additional information to participants.

The implementation of the conference was quite a challenge, as it was held virtually for the first time, but it was very successful and very well received among the participants.

Due to this very positive experience, the next year MakeLearn 2021 conference will also be held virtually.

Our promotional video for the 10th anniversary of the conference:

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