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Website Design & Development

Yes, having a website that looks great and works for you is very important.
Your website has to be easy for your customers to use, but at the same time also easy for you to keep it fresh and updated all the time.
Our websites are:

  • Designed & tailored to your special needs
  • Great looking on all devices
  • Easy to use for your customers
  • Easy to manage and update with fresh content
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Fast loading
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Website Care Plans

Having a great new website is not the end of your work, it is actually just the beginning. Times when websites needed no maintenance are over. And even with nothing being 100% secure today, with one of our website care plans you can sleep better.
Our care plans include:

  • Regular website backups
  • Software updates
  • Security, performance & loading speed scans
  • Cleaning of spam and revisions
  • Optimizing the database
  • Dedicated support time for website improvements
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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.
E-learning can produce training budget savings of 40-60%.

  • Reduces costs for companies and participants
  • Time savings for participants
  • Content available 24/7 and always up-to date
  • Participants can choose their preferred time to learn
  • Easy monitoring of participants’ learning progress
  • It can incorporate the company’s image and brand and allows complete personalization
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Digital Marketing

Your business is not static and your marketing campaigns shouldn’t be either. We will work closely together to develop your online strategy and help you to keep ahead of the competition.
Yes, marketing online is definitely not what marketing used to be.

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Every successful project requires a system. Here is how we take your project from just an idea, to a fully functional website:

Our Approach

  • Connector.


    Before we even start talking about your project, we learn about your business goals and where you’re headed. We’ll ask the right questions to uncover the truth about why you need a new website, a new learning management system or a new digital marketing strategy and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. This will set the stage for everything we do together to make your project a success.

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    Research & Discovery

    With a firm understanding of the results you need, we get deep into the research phase of the project. We will discuss the layout, style and possible types of content needed to start creating something that looks good and works for your business. The deliverable at this phase is a project blueprint that outlines the strategic roadmap and web design production plan to achieve your goals.

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    The fun begins during the design & development stage because we get to play with the ideas gathered before to give the website the look & feel it needs and bring it into life. We’re in close contact as we design, build, and launch your new website. When the website is ready and you are happy with it, we make sure that everything is plugged in and tested before launching it so you can show it off to the whole world.

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    Growth, Support & Getting results

    With your new website launched, we execute the inbound marketing and lead capture strategies we outlined in the blueprint. With careful monitoring and ongoing optimization, you’ll see increased traffic, leads, and sales.


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